Simplify Your Referral Process

White label referral software designed specifically for advice agencies, helping those in need to become problem free.


Developed in partnership with advice networks

We’ve been working alongside advice networks since 2018 to create a white label referral system which can deliver operational success for advice agencies who are looking to simplify their referral process.

Simple Pricing

No application process, no setup fee

We’re on a mission to provide accessible software to the non-profit sector, without the complicated application process for non-profits.

The cost of our subscription is only £50 pcm for up to 500 users, additional user licenses can be purchased for only £1.00 per month.*

It’s our burden-free philosophy.


  • Up to 500 Users
  • £720 p.a.
/ add. user

Multi Workspaces

For agile workers, who need to switch up their days

Working with our partners, we understand it is common for users to volunteer at multiple non-profit organisations.

With multiple workspaces, a user can access the referral system using a single login and switch between organisations, it means no distraction for the rest of their day.

Clone Referrals

What a wonderful time save

Working in partnership with advice networks, we learnt where other systems on the market fall short.

An area identified is that a lot of time is spent re-processing a referral should it be declined by its original recipient. Our product allows users to clone referrals, and re-issue them to alternative eligible organisations.

Find out about more real world problems our referral system is solving.


No worries, for the rest of your days

Data security is important, we take our customers data security seriously. We build our platform using best practices for highly available, scalable, and secure cloud applications.


Simplifying referral system management

In App Directory

Each organisation can manage their own listing, to communicate their bio, criteria, contact information and mange their capacity – taking the burden away from system administrators.


Personal data is redacted from a reporting suite which will generate data to allow your agency to analyse, filter and dissect the referrals data being processed through your installation.

Eligibility Check

Each receiving organisation can set their own requirements for age range, locality or type of issue to determine whether they are eligible to receive a referral – preventing misassigned issues.

White Label

Set the theme colours of your installation to match your network’s branding and upload custom logos. Configurable settings for timeframes help you to ensure referrals are dealt with efficiently. 

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*The cost of a subscription is £50 per month for annual subscriptions, and £60 per month for pay monthly customers.

Additional user licenses can be purchased for £1.00 per license for annual subscribers, or for an additional £1.20 per license for pay monthly customers.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.